last night

yesterday morning

went running on the bypass & saw this (ball peen?) hammer for the second time, so picked it up on the rewind. then noticed the screwdriver handle (actually to a paint roller) and finally the brush. Vesta told me later that she saw me running back to the house & thought i had relay batons in my hands...

listening Captain Beefheart alum. band Fast 'n' Bulbous from their NYC gig earlier this year: like Dixieland Dada in the Desert! all instrumental multi-horn takes on the Captain's inimitable hookish melodies.
poking through the web for more, i found a recording of one other gig (fm. Barcelona later in the week) and this comment that made me imagine & laugh:

#3142429 by tianlai at 2009-03-18 23:49:10 GMT
very cool--i just pulled and shared trout mask with HS sophomores today after state testing. didnt fare well, happy to see this "new" project...

sure glad we don't have to deal w/ standardized tests @ our school, or who knows what my poor students would be subjected to...


cullen stephenson

...has some interesting collage work going:


zoolandia pt. 3

(little homage to joe holmes)




synthetic habitats
on the outskirts of knoxville...


peace =

Savage Detectives + latte + birdsong + sun