catch-up express

been workin' on a building


different VUs

New Tumblr-like "views" from Blogger ("Mosaic" and "Snapshot" are decent but clunky).

15. Dead horse

Free Music Archive has a great interview by Rick Moody with Ben Hall re: his collecting & sharing of old gospel 45s & 78s, first via his Bap-tizum site & soon to be archived at DRAM. FMA has 5 tracks to d/l, but you can also check out Bap-tizum Radio to listen to many more.


14. Guess I'm Falling In Love

Back on my feet, internet up after some storms, so will try to 
catch up on recent events. Stay tuned...


13. melancholic

Little to no motivation lately after foot injury. 
Wanting time off, a break, space...