catch-up express

been workin' on a building


different VUs

New Tumblr-like "views" from Blogger ("Mosaic" and "Snapshot" are decent but clunky).

15. Dead horse

Free Music Archive has a great interview by Rick Moody with Ben Hall re: his collecting & sharing of old gospel 45s & 78s, first via his Bap-tizum site & soon to be archived at DRAM. FMA has 5 tracks to d/l, but you can also check out Bap-tizum Radio to listen to many more.


14. Guess I'm Falling In Love

Back on my feet, internet up after some storms, so will try to 
catch up on recent events. Stay tuned...


13. melancholic

Little to no motivation lately after foot injury. 
Wanting time off, a break, space...

12. They Call Me the Gimp

Woodworker's shop @ Isla Negra, Chile.


11. Natural Born Killer

Watched "Black Swan" @matinee today for a rare movie date, and emerging from the theater after being trapped in its tense freakishness for 2hrs, we were reminded of a similar parking-lot eeriness after watching the Oliver Stone film mentioned above (sic): disturbed, disoriented, and not quite ready to touch another human. Still, the writing, acting & camerawork was all inspiring enough...


10. Miss me, but let me go.

what would you write in your death poem?


8. Well, my mind is goin' through them changes...

(somewhere VA, summer, from what seems like long ago & far away)


7. Zuckerberg

Saw "Social Network" @ the dollar flick tonight & well worth a buck!!


6. Sitting here in my safe European home...

Watched Anton Corbijn's "Control" over the last couple of late nights & was very impressed. Never caught the Joy Division flame during my 80s musical expansion, but found them early 90s/end of college through my buddy Christian. Imagine the scenes from the trailer below, but stretched out & laced with cold space & poetry to reach 2hrs of stark, still Northern England in the black+white 70s. Then add a brilliant performance by Sam Riley captured by Corbijn's intuitive filming and you've got one helluva compelling picture about music, tension and release. (see also: 1, 2, 3)


4. I'm in the mood for 'Schach'

Played chess w/ Mia yesterday during our "snow & ice day" (letting her win this time), then later we went sledding into the sunset...


3. Back to school

...(and hopefully snow) tomorrow. 
Glad we put up all our Xmas stuff last week...


2. A Walk in the Woods

Nice chill day w/ Mia today. After doing some work this a.m., we loaded up her new Camelbak w/ water & snacks & went on a long woods walk. I took the 50mm and intentionally shot narrow DOF since I never do otherwise. And looking at the pix tonite, you can tell that I never do it b/c they are all mostly lame misses. So here's the perfect bird's nest on a perfectly sunny day in the New Year...


1. Happy Hair Monster!!

So I decided to do a "daily dose" of photos here for the New Year, but of course in true JOLLYTIME fashion, it's already Jan. 5 before I get around to the first one....Anyway, here is the beautifully scary "hair monster" that I pulled up from our shower drain a couple days ago. It's probably hard to tell from the crappy phone shot & web-scale, but I think that at least some of those hairs are red!! And to think that my wife wants us to put in a new bathroom....