2b - Climbing Cotopaxi

1/2 way up the active volcano, parked in the lot &
up to the shelter. avalanche of tea. brilliant sun.

emergency lunch, in need of a report
from our scouts:

and throughout it all, the luck & smile

of the punctured goddess of altitude:


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

i said this before but i love JOLLYTIME. this is one of my fave blogs ever. seriously, that ain't no smoke.

i said this before too but i NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER AND SEE YOU & YOURN.


this is from frances.

oldjollymon said...

thanks for the chit!

schoool is dying, so time'll open up soon. hopefully we can manage a rendezvous.

we love frances! (&JB, BB, M + S)

ps - Opal & Madge are in a race to the death. Madge going blind, scared to venture outside & Opal moanful arthritic. tja...