Ling Girls Reunion

In Gaithersburg for the 2nd annual reunion of families who traveled together to China 3 yrs. ago to adopt our daughters. 7/10 families made it this time & it is great to see all the girls playing together, almost like they've all just seen each other last week. Tomorrow we'll have a "Princess Ball," trick-or-treating around the hotel lake, and then go to a restaurant for dinner, with the girls wearing their fancy China dresses. Felt a little bummed that I forgot my Nikon (esp. after spending time last night emptying out all the memory cards), but already felt more relaxed/less "on" (in the photographer sense) tonight at dinner.

Here are some pix from our trip in 2005 that I printed, matted & framed recently. If you get your arse to Lyndon St. before the end of the month, you just might be able to see (or even purchase) one! Over & out, - RJ

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